team member inspecting a shirt


We started with absolutely nothing back in 2006 during the worst economic times. 1 tiny manual press, a few coated screens and a whole lot of hard work. Faced with a multitude of challenges & learning curves, this Veteran owned & operated, WMBE, Orlando small business has never given up!

When we say "High Quality", we mean it! From concept to completion, we keep RESULTS at the forefront of every step until the job is completed. Our business model has been built from the ground up and it's a living thing that keeps on evolving.  We aim to impress our clients through healthy relationships, quality products & great service ...not paid ads or smoke & mirrors.

Respect, reliability & transparent communication are at the core of everything we do both internally and externally and we absolutely hate to let others down!

We’re industry leaders, not followers! If you look closely at other custom apparel companies in our area, you will recognize a little bit of us in everything they try to do, but we’re not mad… we take it as a compliment! #TEAMHITTNSKINS


Our TEAM understands that custom decorating is not easy, but we’re always up for the challenge!

From our creatives, graphic designers and production staff to our people-first customer service TEAM, we all know that the details make all the difference and the outcome has to be Top Notch.

Over the past 16 years we have consistently progressed in our craft and because of that, we have scaled from a tiny start up to a 30+ powerhouse and we all really LOVE what we do!!

two people inspecting a shirt
team member inspecting a shirt


We eat, sleep & breathe BRANDING!

Our team keeps up with what's HOT and what’s NOT so our clients don’t have to. When it comes to customized merchandise, the last thing your brand needs is a box full of junk or the “I found it cheaper online” end result. Your audience isn’t stupid and they can definitely tell the difference. We’re extremely good listeners and we can make marketing magic within any budget, but remember… “Good Promos Aren’t Cheap and Cheap Promos Aren’t Good” … Choose wisely. You will thank us later!


Since 2006, Hittn' Skins has helped organizations build better brands!