team member inspecting a shirt


We started with very little back in 2006 during the worst economic time. This Veteran owned & operated, WMBE, Orlando small business was pretty tough and armed with 1 computer, 1 tiny manual press, a few coated screens and a whole lot of dedication to learning the craft, off we went. Faced with a multitude of challenges, learning curves and growing pains along the journey, we continued to focus on our technique and building a solid TEAM with a dialed in design to product process. We got really good at taking our client's ideas, making them better, turning them into cool custom products and helping them win at the branding game.

We've been "High Quality", since the beginning! From concept to completion we've always kept the END RESULT at the forefront of every step and up until the job is 100% completed. Our model has been built from the ground up and we've always treated it as a living thing that keeps on evolving, growing bigger, flexing and getting better with each year.  We aim to Impress our clients through our actions and by delivering RESULTS through relationships, quality products & great service.  We survive & thrive because of this ...not from paid ads or smoke & mirror quick turn printing.

Respect, reliability & transparent communication are at the core of every relationship both internally and externally at Hittn' Skins.

As a group we strive for excellence and we absolutely hate to let our clients down... so it is our obligation to always do our best.

We roll with the industry leaders, not the followers! #TEAMHITTNSKINS


Our TEAM has been growing and recruiting key players & clients the entire time.  We love to work with people who understand that custom decorating is not easy, but also that we’re always up for the challenges!

From our creatives, graphic designers and production staff to our people-first customer service TEAM, we all know that the details make all the difference and that the outcome has to always be Top Notch.

Over the past 16 years we have consistently progressed in our craft and because of that, we have scaled from a tiny start up to a 25+ Branding Machine and we all really LOVE what we do!!

two people inspecting a shirt
team member inspecting a shirt


Look at us now!!  16 years later and we still eat, sleep & breathe CUSTOM BRANDING!

In 2023 our team is better than ever. We are growing each year and continuing to get better at what we do and always recruiting the ones who love the challenge of custom product design & custom decorating.

When it comes to our plans for the future, we will continue to pursue our passions and deliver a better product & client experience each year.  Our goal will always be to work with cool brands who are looking for really creative ideas and absolute best product quality.  We love to work with people who understand the value of promotion and teams who believe that cool products represent their brand and deliver your message 24/7 so you don't have to. If you are trying to establish a brand identity and need our help, or if you have any questions or want to learn more, please feel free to fill out the Build-A-Quote or give us a call! 407-835-2425

We hope to see you soon!


Since 2006, Hittn' Skins has helped organizations build better brands!