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Hittn’ Skins celebrates 16 years in business. We reflected back to where it all started. Hittn’ Skins became a reality in 2006, with only a screen printing machine and a fuel with passion to provide quality products. Our drive for NEVER settling for “good enough” has taken Hittn’ Skins to new heights. Even as we watched the meteoric rise of other printers, we kept our heads down and our hearts in our belief to keep a steady pace. Hittn’ Skins prides itself in quality not quantity. In 2023, we're operating at a capacity of 30 people and cultivating fresh talent to uphold the same vision we started with back then. That is the same vision of producing high-quality products with precision, creativity, and a keen eye on what makes good branding. We provide each customer with this service on a bulk order scale. As we continue to push out towards the future, we will resume to keep-to-date with the current trends. This way, we can ensure your brand has the potential in the marketplace.

Hittn’ Skins first opened with providing screen printing services. Slowly but surely, the company began to notice a demand for embroidery, promo items and even commercial vehicle graphics. Hittn’ Skins went after to supply a demand with one thing in mind, quality. Our current facility produces screen printing, embroidery, digital graphics, and more in house. Although Hittn’ Skins is located in Orlando FL, we have grown from having local clients to clients out of state and even the country! None of this could have been possible without the right team. Thank you to the HS team for their dedication and passion in pushing Hittn’ Skins forward. They keep the company moving with their creativity, hard work and diligence. Here is to 16 years and more!!!