various promotional drinkwareBy HITTN’ SKINS – October 22, 2021

15 ways promotional products benefit your business

Your marketing strategy is a way to connect with new or existing customers. It is imperative to find different avenues to set your brand apart. Here are fifteen ways promotional products could impact your brand awareness.

Make them aware
Your brand can go where your customers take them! Let them tell the world, whether on a shirt, a hat, or a mug.

Ditch the cards
Often, our business cards get lost or go into a pocket, never noticeable again. A keychain or a pen would be a more effective way to raise brand awareness.

Don’t get caught in the race, lead it
Set yourself apart and provide your customers with products that serve them. Your customers will see you beyond your brand by providing additional products they require.

Cost-effective marketing
Put away those expensive ad campaigns. Give yourself and your bottom line peace of mind by investing in quality products for your business.

Develop your profit
Give your customers something they can use and make yourself the go-to for the services they need. You could show them the level of quality by providing them with small order samples.

Give them what they want
Who doesn’t want free stuff?! When you’re heading to the next event, don’t forget to take promo products with you to make a memorable impression.

Keep them around
When your business chooses quality products, your customers will know which brand and products can stick around.

Let your products work for you
Your promotional products are constantly giving you exposure. They provide a simple but effective way to grab others attention beyond your client.

In it for the long haul
Your products will provide long-term publicity for years to come. When you provide your customers with the product they can use, you can continue to expand your customer base beyond billboards or benches

Stand up and stand out
Your products let your clients and the world know who you are! Branding a t-shirt or a water bottle, a pin, or a knife, we have the products that can hone in on what your customers can expect from you.

Give yourself some credit
Your brand image has to make an impression. Provide a positive experience with quality products they can use. They will be unlikely to forget that item you provided when they use it daily.

Know your worth
Take your brand to the next level. Diversify your brand by adding effective products that can bring additional attention to the services you produce.

Brand a lifestyle
With the number of branding materials we offer, you have options of products that stay consistent with your brand. This way, you can continue to build awareness with your current and potential customers.

Get their allegiance and keep them there
When you offer that shirt or that bottle, you will always have your client’s eyes insight. Your client will be thankful for the gift and they will remember you next time they need that service.

It’s not digital
In a marketing world of media and websites, your reach can smash in-between the competition. One way you can stand out is by using a promotional product. Whether your client is making that morning commute with coffee in tow, they can take your brand with you.

So, if you’re ready to make your move to produce some high-quality products, give us a call! You can be assured that our team is ea to help you get started on building your brand!

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photo of an elephant on a shirtBy HITTN’ SKINS – September 8, 2021

Looking to have FULL COLOR artwork put on a shirt? Consider DTG Printing!

With low 12 piece minimums, Direct-to-Garment or DTG Printing, as we like to call it, is an ideal printing process that prints your art directly onto the garment.

Lets us tell you about the process!
In comparison to Screen printing (a traditional printing process that uses silkscreen, ink, and a much more timely analog process to print each color of the design onto a shirt) DTG is the most cost-effective way to print COLORFUL ART onto smaller batches of shirts and other garments.

With low 12 piece minimums, Direct-to-Garment or DTG Printing, as we like to call it, is an ideal printing process that prints your art directly onto the garment.

With DTG, your design can be printed on any light-colored fabric that can be loaded onto our machine, it then prints your art directly to the shirt using a Water Based Ink technology that penetrates into the shirt’s fibers. DTG uses the CMYK color model for the printing process. Something to keep in mind and also to learn more about. Although we try to get close to matching the exact colors of your design as possible..it is still CMYK printing and DTG cannot hit fluorescent or SFX colors or textures.

DTG is a permanent printing process. That’s right! … the process is very similar to your home inkjet printer, just made for shirts.

We recommend using light color garments that are 100% cotton for DTG printed orders, but we are capable of printing some blended & synthetic fabrics. We cannot print on any dark or black colored fabrics using DTG. We typically suggest DTG for really small T-shirt runs (like party or gag-gift tees, 1-day events, full-color photographs on shirts, or orders with quantities less than 24 pieces). DTG is highly recommended for Vintage style printing, super-soft fabrics, toddler T’s, really soft or thin ladies apparel, doggy skins & other light-colored accessories with lower order quantities. This type of print method is a great way to get your shirt line started. However, if you’re willing to start out with a larger quantity (more than seventy-two pieces) or have lower color artwork that does not require DTG, we can often screen print your design and we would suggest inquiring about screen printing first.

What else?
DTG uses a water-based ink technology, making it an eco-friendly & sustainable T-shirt printing option! Water-based ink always has a super soft feel (whether it is DTG or screen printed, WB or Discharge printed, it is one of the softest ways to print shirts). Combining these methods and print processes with really soft cotton and/or blended garments leaves you with the SOFTEST, most breathable, comfortable and long-lasting product. The DTG process makes for an optimal vintage look & feel of your design adding that high end “Wow” factor!

DTG is best for:

  • Overall Softness of a full-color print
  • Vintage Look & Feel
  • Party T’s / One-day events
  • Baby & Animal Garments
  • Photo-realistic art / Photographs on T’s

We hope that this article helps you!! If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


a photo of foil versus metallic inkBy HITTN’ SKINS – July 29, 2021

Screenprinting Foil Versus Metallic Ink:
Which Is Better For Your Business?

With so many ink and printing options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. If you want to stand out from the crowd and attain something impressive, foil or Metallic ink might be for you. If you have already decided to go with speciality inks you might be thinking, “I’m between the Foil and Metallic ink, but what is the difference?” We’re glad you asked! We’ve compared the two to help you make the right decision for a big project.

What Is Foil?
Simply put, the Foil process starts with printing your design in Plastisol, and then a thin layer of reflective Foil is pressed onto the shirt where it adheres to the ink. In turn, this creates a polished effect wherever it is pressed. We can implement Foil by itself, or you could combine it with traditional Plastisol to create eye-catching details. Like all speciality inks, use Foil sparingly and creatively. It comes in a myriad of colors, including Holographic. There are many different ways we can use Foil in your design to add a subtle flair; feel free to ask how we can
implement Foil into your next design!
What Is Metallic Ink?
Metallic ink is a special kind of Plastisol that has mixed with small Metallic flakes. Metallic ink has a visual effect similar to high-quality glitter. It is a less expensive option than foil, and it still offers the opportunity to include some texture and shimmer in your design
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Foil
Foil can be a great way to add some “wow-factor” to your idea! The Foil process works best on compositions without small details and fine points.
This technique is perfect for large areas and not recommended for intricate work since the Foil won’t peel that well in the production process. If you want your product to stand out you can use Foil with a spot color to add a dramatic pop! While the foil will hold over time, the sheen will eventually fade. We recommend washing your apparel inside out in the wash and hang dry. Otherwise, use a warm tumble for your dryer setting.
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Metallic Ink
Metallic inks are a great option for any project that needs a little bling or shimmer. Metallic Inks can be used as an alternative to foil, which requires a more costly setup and technique, though the result is drastically different. Metallic inks can add a touch of color and shine while giving the feeling of elegance or glamour to your design. Similar to foil, Metallic ink is not the best choice for elaborate details or halftones. We recommend a gentle wash to keep your design bright and reflective. Metallic ink is thicker than typical Plastisol and may not work for certain designs where a thinner application is required.
Whether you choose Metallic or Foil, hopefully, this article has helped you find the perfect solution for your apparel. With so many ink and printing options to choose from, it can seem challenging to stand out. However, with the right design and printing method, it can be easy! Let us work with you to choose the perfect options for your next project. We’re here to help you move forward with confidence!

By HITTN’ SKINS – March 28, 2014

What Is A Vector Graphic? …And Why Is It Always Preferred Over Raster Images?

There are a lot of formats and color modes to choose from when creating your design & graphic art files, but when it comes to designing files for printing; the argument seems to be between vector and raster images. These two graphic files may seem kind of the same in a digital format, but they can make a serious difference in the outcome of the printing process depending on your future plans with that art file. This article is about the comparison between vector & raster-based artwork and a little more in-depth of their differences. Enjoy…

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By HITTN’ SKINS – April 10, 2014

Don’t Wait Until Next Week To Order Your Custom Race T’s And Sign Up For This Event!!

IOA Corporate 5k is a unique 3.1-mile run/walk evening event where Florida’s corporate and non-profit communities form teams and participate in workplace health, promote camaraderie, friendly competition and celebrate with co-workers. Each year there is a contest with a prize awarded to the team with the best overall event & team t-shirts. Although we’ve come close, we’ve never had a Hittn’ Skins printed t-shirt take home the gold for the “Best Team Race Shirt”. In the past, Hard Rock has won it…(we think it’s fixed…JK) but it won’t stop us from coming up with some of the most amazing & creative designs and print quality to hit the streets. If you have already decided you are not going this year, join us next season in our quest of taking home the Grand Prize and winning the best overall Race T-Shirts by sending in your design ideas early so we can be sure to out-do every screen printer in our area and win the prize!

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By HITTN’ SKINS – September 26, 2014

Orlando Weekly Artlando Collectable Print & Event T-Shirt By Hittn’ Skins

​This past week, Orlando Weekly Magazine approached us to be a t-shirt sponsor for Artlando 2014!! What is Artlando? It’s a concept art show hosted by O’Weekly showcasing mixed forms of art from local artists, performers & craft vendors. The title…ONE DAY. ONE FESTIVAL. ALL ART. Pretty awesome!!

For the event promos…the Orlando Weekly’s Creative Department sent us their artwork to produce high-quality promotional t-shirts for Artlando. We decided to go with a premium 60/40 ring-spun cotton/poly t-shirt printed with a super soft hand premium white Plastisol. This option gives the finished product a soft, smooth and bright opaque white print. We use special techniques & additives designed to print without making the print super thick or “un-breathable”. As an extra spiffy, we added a custom inside printed tag to help enhance the branding of the event and make the shirt much more collectable!

Even in a pinch & with shorter notice than we generally prefer, the HS team came through in a big way once again!!

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By HITTN’ SKINS – May 25, 2015

A Breakdown Of The Screen Printing Process

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing has been around since 960 AD, originating in China during the Song Dynasty. It is considered one of the most versatile ways of modern printing and can be used to apply the print to textiles, paper, and glass. T-shirt screen printing, also known as silk screening or silk screen printing, is the technique of using a stencil or “screen” to print inks directly to the surface of a garment. this method is the most cost-effective way to reproduce the same image on multiple piece runs. Screen printing is an art, a science and a labor of love. Hittn’ Skins is a printing company that mainly screen prints t-shirts. You really have to love printing t-shirts to go through the tedious snd detail-oriented steps repeatedly time after time and day after day to do it as a career. Our passion to create perfectly printed t-shirt graphics is what keeps us going & keeps us growing. The staff at HS keeps this notion at the forefront of each day and throughout all of our operations.
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By HITTN’ SKINS – February 2, 2016

Brand With Us

When branding your organization’s marketing materials you want to utilize the most effective promotional items available to make sure you not only stand out in the right way but also leave a positive, effective and long-lasting impression with your potential clients so they will remember the most important things about you:

Who are you…Your company name or website address

What you do…Your core services or the products that you offer

Where they can find you…Are you a Local or National Company, E-commerce or a Brick & Mortar Business

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