With the right promo pack you can create a
WOW-Filled end result that everyone has to have!

The best type of promotional product

is one that your audience will actually use!

Promo Packs are the best way to present your product to new customers!

They tend to carry a higher value because they encapsulate all of your promotional items into one easy to manage,professionally put together packet. These swag stuffed packages are usually packed full of special promo items that cater to the theme of the product or event.

Choose from a Basic Promo Pack that contains a Custom T-Shirt + a single item insertor upgrade to a fully loaded Premium Promo Pack that has a Premium Quality CustomT-Shirt + 3-5 other branded assets included. Promo Packs have a minimum of 72 pcs. and prices can range from $6 – $16 depending on the type of T-Shirt, selected inserts & assets.

Tee Promo:
Our Tee Promo Packs are a great way to get the official & retail ready look for your sellable apparel products. Perfect for private clothing lines and retailers looking to have that credible brand impact whenever they are promoting or selling their products. Tee Promos include a custom sticker hang tag & promotional paper insert along with a custom printed T-Shirt & poly bag. Tee Promo Packs start under $10 and have a minimum of 24 pcs per size.

Signature Promo:
A SignaturePromo is the next step up from the Tee Promo, but packs a bigger punch with the flexibility to theme out the pack with another product other than a T-Shirt. From Beachy themes to Bartender/Hospitality and Restaurants these packages give you the option to add up to $5 worth of industry related promotional swag along with all of the assets included in the Tee Promo Package. Signature Promo Packs range in price from $10-$13 each depending on your quantity, assets &other variables.

Deluxe Promo Packs:
Deluxe Promo Packs are by far the biggest bang for buck out of all of our Promo Pack Options! These packs are loaded with all of the goodies of the Signature Promo Pack, except it includes up to $10 worth of promo items &includes complimentary inside tag printing with your custom T’s. Deluxe Packs are a perfect item for corporate thank you gifts, sign up swag packs, general promotion or retail. Deluxe Promo Packs range in price from $12-18 ea. depending on the quantity ordered and requested inserts.

Premium Promo Packs:
Premium Promo Packs are custom built to order and can contain any number of customized promotional products that you desire. These high quality promo packages are guaranteed to create a complete branding kit and can be themed to any business, lifestyle or special event. We work together with our clients to build the ultimate promo pack that will feel more like a nice gift rather than a bag of cheap junk that no one will use. Premium Promo Packs are a perfect item for Summer Camp sign ups, Youth Groups, Corporate Welcome Packs or for high end promotional campaigns. Premium Promo Packs can range in price from $20 and up. depending on the requested assets and total quantity ordered. There is a minimum of 72 packs on all Premium Promo Pack orders

Whether your goal is to generate traffic at
Trade Shows, Special Events and Fundraisers
or simply boost company morale and thank
your customers for their loyalty to your brand
over the years, we can create the right promo
pack for you!

Promo Packs are great for:
  • Mailers
  • Trade show giveaways
  • Employee relations
  • Corporate events
  • New customer sign up
  • New product releases
  • Awards &Prizes

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