With a mobile billboard you will look forward to getting stuck in a traffic jam!

Wraps are the most cost effective ways to advertise your company’s message &services
… Especially if your business has a blank vehicle that is always on the go!

We wrap everything from cars, trucks, trailers, walls, windows and more! When you wrap with us, your message will be clean & clear and you will get the greatest ROI compared to any other form of advertising available. For most service related industries, vehicle wraps are the most effective tool to generate new business from your client’s, their patrons and neighbors when every time you are out on a service call.

We strongly believe that the design is the base ingredient for all of our products, but when it comes to custom vehicle wraps, the design is the most important one!Our goal is to create effective promotional materials that will look good both up close or roadside and generate positive attention for you the customer!

At Hittn’ Skins we use onlythe highest quality 3M materials for maximum impact and longest lasting durability. All of our design, printing & laminating is performed in-house to keep our print quality up and our level of accuracy to the highest caliber.

Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effectiveadvertising tool available….period.


Can I install the graphics myself?
How much does a vehicle wrap cost?
How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?
How much is it to wrap my car matte black and add red racing stripes on the sides?

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Our Vehicle Wrap Options

Full Wraps:
Full wraps cover all of the exterior painted surfaces of the vehicle; this includes the front, hood, back, driver, passenger sides, windows and the roof. Pricing of full wraps varies depending on make, model &total square foot of material coverage. Full vehicle wraps are the complete package and our best suggestion for maximum impact.

Make a lasting impression every time you hit the road with a custom vehicle wrap by Hittn’ Skins.

Partial Wraps:
Partial wraps cover only a portion of the exterior painted surfaces of the vehicle; usually about 50% of the vehicle. Pricing of partial wraps vary depending on the make, model & total square foot coverage. Depending on the color of the vehicle & your company’s identity we can sometimes create a partial wrap that looks like a full wrap and reduce the overall cost without sacrificing the impact of the ad. Partial wraps are mainly used to keep the cost down or to stay within a customer’s set budget.

Vehicle Lettering:
Fleet vehicle lettering is by far the most cost effective way to go if you have a limited budget or a large fleet of vehicles. From a single vehicle to an entire fleet of “rolling billboards” we’ve got you covered! With vehicle lettering packages starting under $500 per vehicle there is no reason why any company should be driving around in a blank white cargo van. From simple door lettering to DOT numbers we can do it all! Give us a call today to talk to one of our dedicated account reps about your vehicle graphics& advertising goals. View our portfolio to see what Hittn’ Skins can do for your company’s branding!

Window Wraps:
Window wraps or window graphics are a great way to brand your vehicle or storefront and create interest on the outside. With perforated window films you can create a full color, fully wrapped look from the outside without forfeiting the view-ability from the inside. We can wrap any window with eye-catching advertisements in full color solid vinyl, perforated window film or simulated etched glass vinyl.

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