What Is Custom Screen Printing?

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Screen Printing is the technique of using a stencil or “screen”
to print inks directly to the surface of a garment.
It is the absolute best way to print custom T-Shirts and has the most durable & longest lasting print quality.

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Screen Printing Is The
To Print Custom T-shirts.
There Is A 24pc Minimum
On All Screen Printed Orders

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Combine your favorite shirt styles & Ink colors, then pick the print method that is right for you.

Be sure to let your Account Rep know about your vision of the finished product so we can be sure to deliver above & beyond your expectations!


We have the capability to screen print up to 12 spot colors in a single design. For extremely colorful artwork exceeding 12 colors we typically use a Simulated Process or a 4 color process print method to achieve a higher color  count.


Individual Solid Colors


A Blending of Solid Colors Using Halftones


A Blending of 4 Colors (CMYK) Using Overlapping Halftones

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  • Premium Plastisol

    Premium Plastisol

    Plastisol inks are plastic-based and are the most versatile inks used in screen printing. This ink sits ON TOP of the fabric, creating a feel that can be modified for a super soft hand or made to have a heavy hand depending on the desired effect. These inks can be printed on cotton, polyester & blended fabrics. Learn more about plastisol…

  • Water Based

    Water Based

    Water based inks have a super soft feel with outcomes that serve specific purposes. In a nutshell, these inks soak INTO the fibers and dye the fabric during the heating /curing process. After washing, this ink is completely unfelt and is the most breathable way to have a design embedded into the fabric of the shirt. Learn more about water based…

  • Water Based Discharge

    Water Based Discharge

    Discharge inks are water based inks that have a bleach-like additive that reacts with the fabric and heating process. Water based printing on dark garments to make the print feel soft and look like it’s embedded into the fabric without having to lay down an under base like in traditional plastisol screen printing. Learn more about water based discharge…

  • Hybrid Printing

    Hybrid Printing

    Hybrid printing combines both WB discharge ink and plastisol inks within the same design for the softest, brightest & longest lasting print quality. Water based discharge ink is applied first to remove the color from the garment, and the rest of the design is then applied on top of the fabric with premium plastisol inks. Learn more about hybrid…

  • Metallic


    Metallic ink is a specialty plastisol ink that has tiny metallic flakes in it. When printed, this ink creates an eye catching, shimmery finish. Metallic inks are intended to be applied with as an accent to a design because the metallic flake additive makes for a thicker hand and is slightly stiffer than standard plastisols. Learn more about metallic…

  • Glow in the Dark

    Glow in the Dark

    Glow in the dark inks are a type of specialty plastisol ink used for enhancing a design that needs to be seen at night or in the dark. The color is a lot like anything that glows – it’s an off white, light greenish colored ink used mainly as a special effect. Learn more about glow…

  • Puff


    Puff is a plastisol ink that has a puff additive which makes the ink rise up on the shirt with a foamy, puffy feel when heat cured. This is a fantastic way to produce an eye-catching 3D texture, it is recommended to be used as an accent or embellishment to a t-shirt design. Learn more about puff…

  • Foils


    Foils are a cool fabric decorating method growing in popularity. The appeal of foil is that it is highly reflective which can really make your designs pop! Foil should be used creatively but also conservatively considering how much they bling. Learn more about foil…

  • Foils+Spot Colors

    Foils+Spot Colors

    They are exactly as described… foil + the designated spot color. This process is designed to add foil accents to selected areas of the design with the rest of the elements being printed with normal spot colors (no foil). This is a great technique for isolating a specific element and accenting it with some bling! Learn more about foil+spot color…

  • Athletic Printing

    Athletic Printing

    The process of imprinting synthetic or athletic fabrics with plastisol inks. This type of printing is best for fabrics like Lycra, Nylon, Polyester and Spandex; we use our specific formulas which produce imprints that endure the high elasticity. Learn more about athletic printing…

  • SFX


    SFX, or Special Effects Screen Printing Inks, come in a variety of styles and colors. These inks are used to exaggerate an element, focal point, or effect in a design. They are printed with simulated process print methods which can be modified to achieve virtually any type of desired outcome like an eroded or shattered distressing effect, 3D raised print and textures such as faux leather. Learn more about SFX…

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Your input…It’s Important to us!

It is important to us that you express your overall vision of the finished shirt and how you would like the printing
to look & Feel. We encourage your input and want to know about the end result you are trying to achieve
so we can deliver your next favorite T-Shirts with 100% customer satisfaction.

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